Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy added to massage is a powerful combination for physical and emotional well being.  We offer comprehensive training in the use...Read more


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Spiral Synergy™

Spiral Synergy™ is a perfect painless approach to use with clients sensitive to the lightest pressure...Read more

Intuitive Cranial Sacral

Intuitive Cranial Sacral therapy uses the body’s own healing capacity to bring balance to the body in a gentle way.  Read more


Perhaps the first medicinal substances used by humankind were plants in the form of flowers, leaves, stems, roots and sap. Compresses and poultices were prepared from herbs found locally and applied directly to the affected areas to relieve a variety of ailments and pains. In fact, these same treatments were used on the horses and other domesticated animals that were so vital to life in early times.

Humankind began separating out the essential oils from plants thousands of years ago for medicinal and ritual use.

In the modern era, essential plant oils are steam distilled and used to balance and heal the body thorough inhalation, ingestion and topical applications. Modern research methods are showing that the wisdom of our ancestors was properly placed in the healing qualities of plants found in nature. Used individually or in combination, essential oils have been shown to effectively impact sleep disorders, inflammation, muscle and joint aches, digestive upset, mental alertness and respiratory function to name a few.

Our classes in Aroma Therapy are designed to introduce participants to the origin, composition, preparation and application of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Simple yet effective methods of sharing the benefits of essential oils with others and for personal use are presented in a variety of seminars.

Introduction to Essential Oils & Aroma Therapy

Get a comprehensive overview about essential oil production and use. Basic chemistry of essential oils will be covered. Oil selection for use with common conditions such as headache, muscle and joint pain, digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory system support will be covered.

Raindrop® Technique

This course gives instruction on the application of essential oils in a specific protocol developed by Gary Young. Specific hands-on techniques will be demonstrated. Participants will be lead through the application of a complete Raindrop session using a selection of essential oils included in the Raindrop Collection. Participants supply linens, we supply the oils.

Foot Reflex Activation with Essential Oils

Learn the location of reflex areas located in the feet that affect the functioning of a variety of body organs and structures. Learn different methods of applying essential oils to these reflex points and stimulating the points to bring about normalization of body function and stress reduction. These techniques are great to include in a massage session and to use with people of any age and health status. Discussion of reflex points in the ear and hands will also be included.

Balancing Emotions with Essential Oils

Most everyone has had experiences that have affected how they think and react to situations. Some of these experiences occurred during childhood and others in our adult years. Essential Oils work directly with the areas of the brain where we establish and interpret emotional responses. Inhalation and application of oils to the skin can access these memories and create an opportunity for a more balanced response to such triggering events in the future. Emotional stresses of the past can be processed and new response patterns established moving forward.

Chapman’s Reflexes and Essential Oils

Developed by Frank Chapman, DO in the 1930s, these reflex areas located throughout the ribcage, pelvis, legs and spine affect the lymphatic flow through the associated organs and can bring balance to the functioning of the body. Learn the location of a variety of these reflex points, essential oils appropriate to apply to them, and methods of stimulating the oils and reflexes to normalize the body. Respiratory, digestive and hormonal systems will be highlighted.