Aroma Therapy

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Spiral Synergy™

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Intuitive Cranial Sacral

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When under stress of repetitive use, traumatic physical or emotional events,and postural misalignment, the muscular and fascial networks of the body undergo many changes. Loss of cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, nutrients and removal of waste products from muscle tissue results in cell death, loss of pliability and nerve irritation.  Muscles in chronic contracted positions, even partial contractions, create excess lactic acid in the tissues which irritate the nerve fibers within.  Chronic muscle contraction reduces flexibility and stamina.  General fatigue, weakness and reduced range of motion become a seemingly endless downward spiral.

In this class we will explore the phenomenon discussed by Thomas Hanna as “Sensory Motor Amnesia”, the loss of conscious control of the muscles and movement due to the f chronic contraction described above.  Hanna documented a whole body movement technique to reeducate brain-body awareness. This series of movements was designed to allow the client to reconnect consciously to the muscles and their movements, to restore function directly and through the reflexive patterns of the body developed as response to a variety of injury, either physical or emotional. 

We will be exploring use of this technique in the construct of the bodywork session.

The connections of the mind to the awareness of the body through proprioception is key to this exploration.  We will be using muscle resetting techniques together with neuro-linguistic languaging and visualizing to allow the client to have a conscious experience of the limitations imposed by our mind on our body.  We will use movement, language and direct muscle lengthening and reeducation techniques which can be immediately introduced into the massage and bodywork session to reduce spasm, pain, and imbalance.