Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy added to massage is a powerful combination for physical and emotional well being.  We offer comprehensive training in the use...Read more


Check out our ebook on Chapman’s Neurolymphatic Reflexes, an approach that can be easily incorporated into your bodywork practice.... Read more..

Spiral Synergy™

Spiral Synergy™ is a perfect painless approach to use with clients sensitive to the lightest pressure...Read more

Intuitive Cranial Sacral

Intuitive Cranial Sacral therapy uses the body’s own healing capacity to bring balance to the body in a gentle way.  Read more

Employer Info

WMTI is proud of the quality of our graduates over our 22 years of business with the goal of providing our students with the best educational opportunities available. Feedback from you, the employers, has been tremendously supportive and gratifying. We have been honored that you have held WMTI and our graduates in high regard. As business owners, you understand the need to maintain our reputation for quality training and continuing education. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that some job applicants for massage therapist positions have claimed to have trained or to have graduated from WMTI.

As always, to confirm the educational background of any applicant, you can ask to see a copy of their diploma. An official diploma from WMTI will have a gold seal embossed with the corporate seal of WMTI, Inc. in the lower right hand corner. An official transcript is available for no charge from the Illinois State Board of Education as outlined in the “Graduate Info” section of this website. You can contact WMTI by e-mail and request verification of an applicant’s education.

We ask that you, the employers of Massage Therapists, help us uphold and maintain the integrity and ethical standards of our profession, and our educational standard at WMTI. Ray Miller and Laura Hepburn, owners of the Wellness & Massage Training Institute do not endorse the quality of the training and hands-on skills of any graduates of any current massage training program in the area as we  have not personally experienced the qualtiy of their hands on skills. We cannot endorse the quality of education or hands-on skill of any student who has not graduated from the massage therapy training program at WMTI, nor have we given permission to any student to use us as reference for employment. Any such reference request must be submitted in writing to Ray Miller and Laura Hepburn.