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Ray Miller, Cortiva Education Part Ways

In the months since WMTI ended it’s massage school training, conversations with several graduates and past clinic patrons exposed some confusion regarding the affiliations of Ray Miller and Laura Hepburn, owners of the Wellness & Massage Training Institute.  So we choose to clarify the situation. 


As of April 1, 2011 Ray Miller is happily no longer affiliated with Cortiva Education.  A parting of the ways was inevitable as the same philosophical differences that kept Laura Hepburn from joining Cortiva’s staff, ultimately prevailed as Ray could no longer compromise his standards.  Initial discussions with both Cortiva national CEO and local CEO indicated a desire to add more energetic and alternative approaches to their curriculum - long a mainstay of the WMTI curriculum philosophy.  Sadly, that professed interest never developed as Cortiva’s bottom line “we’re businessmen” mentality overshadowed our healing “massage therapist” consciousness. 


During the time that Ray was involved in providing instruction at Cortiva the differences in curriculum, educational standards and policies were clearly evident.  Both Ray and Laura adamantly deny any endorsement of the educational quality offered by Cortiva School of Massage Therapy - Chicago.  Nor do they or have they ever recommended any Cortiva graduate for job placement as a massage therapist.


Cortiva Schools of Massage Therapy never purchased the assets (course outlines, lesson plans, mailing lists, clinic patron lists, etc.) or the stock of the Wellness and Massage Training Institute (WMTI).   WMTI remains a separate entity still owned by Ray Miller and Laura Hepburn.   


The Wellness & Massage Training Institute no longer occupies the building in Woodridge.  WMTI does not conduct a student clinic in the building.  There are no WMTI continuing education seminars offered at the Woodridge building.  The high standards set by WMTI should not be confused with the massage education currently being offered at their past Woodridge location.