Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy added to massage is a powerful combination for physical and emotional well being.  We offer comprehensive training in the use...Read more


Check out our ebook on Chapman’s Neurolymphatic Reflexes, an approach that can be easily incorporated into your bodywork practice.... Read more..

Spiral Synergy™

Spiral Synergy™ is a perfect painless approach to use with clients sensitive to the lightest pressure...Read more

Intuitive Cranial Sacral

Intuitive Cranial Sacral therapy uses the body’s own healing capacity to bring balance to the body in a gentle way.  Read more

Fall 2012 Seminars

We have schedules a series of continuing education semnars starting in Septemnber 2012 and continuing through December 2012. 

A copy of the schedule can be downloaded and printied out by clicking here. 

To register for a seminar mail in a completed REGISTRATION FORM along with your payment.



Fellow massage therapists,


For years reputable massage therapists have been working to turn the tide in the public perception that massage therapy and massage parlor are the same.  Therapeutic massage has certainly gained respectability and become much more main stream in recent years.  That is why it is imperative that you take action to protect what you have worked so hard for.


The Lifetime cable channel has decided to cash in on the massage perception so many have been eradicating.  They have scheduled a new series, The Client List, which casts massage in a very poor light.


What a shame.  The writers could take the massage profession to a new height in respectability.  Instead they seem bent on destroying it.


Sign the petition and let them know your feelings.  In addition, contact all of you clients and let them know about this.  Make it a point to find out who the sponsors of this show are and boycott their products.


Together we have an opportunity to “flex our muscle” and demonstrate how profoundly we impact the well being of our society.


Thank you,  


Ray Miller







What have we been up to?

When ever we meet graduates of our program we are asked this question.  Its normal to keep in touch with people and we always feel a sense of pride in hearing how well our graduates are doing in their careers.  


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Welcome to our redesigned website

We are VERY excited to launch our redesigned website after months of planning, organizing, copy writing, and web design consultations.  Please cruise the pages and give us your feedback and suggestions for making our site more user friendly.  We appreciate your loyalty and continued interest in our educational offerings.


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Ray Miller, Cortiva Education Part Ways

In the months since WMTI ended it’s massage school training, conversations with several graduates and past clinic patrons exposed some confusion regarding the affiliations of Ray Miller and Laura Hepburn, owners of the Wellness & Massage Training Institute.  So we choose to clarify the situation. 


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